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Current Addiction: Personal Taste Korean Drama

Personal Taste is a 2010 South Korean romantic comedy drama about Jeon Jin Ho (played by Lee Min Ho), a straight guy pretending to be gay in order to become roommates with Park Gae In (played by Son Ye Jin), the daughter of Sanggojae’s owner. Sanggojae is a Korean traditional house with modern touches which Jin Ho wants to use as a basis for his design for a big architectural project bid that he hopes to win. Along the way, sparks fly between the two, but will it really lead somewhere with Gae In’s knowledge that Jin Ho is gay and Jin Ho’s hidden motive in moving into Sanggojae?

the Sanggojae house

I am so loving this series. It’s the one thing that’s giving me a wide, silly grin on my face these days. The cute, sweet moments between the couple Jin Ho and Gae In make me squeal with delight, something that I never felt towards a Korean drama before. Sure, I adore Full House and My Girl to bits but I think Personal Taste surpass these two in terms of the kilig moments. Sorry Oppa Dong Wook, you used to be the only one in my heart but I can’t help it. Oppa Min Ho’s captivating smiles make my heart skip a beat.

I’m totally not surprised why women and gay alike fall for Jeon Jin Ho. Aside from the obvious good looks and charms, he is the sweetest, most sensitive, and most caring lead guy character I’ve ever watched in a Korean drama. In this series, Jin Ho is stoic and cold, he seldom smiles but when he does, oh my!

Jin Ho is the best “gay” pal a woman can ever wish for. He is someone who’s not afraid to endure curious stares from people in the grocery to buy sanitary pads for a needy friend. Someone who will make ginger tea for her to relieve her menstrual cramps. Someone who will massage her stomach to ease the pain.

And most of all, someone who will go to great lengths in order to give her the painkillers she clearly needed.

I also want to mention this one particular scene where the two share an umbrella under the pouring rain. It’s just so plain cute for me!


He is also the sweetest boyfriend! He melts my heart with every little thing he does to make Gae In happy. And the way he looks at her? Gosh! He’s so in love with her! It’s as if no one else exists except her.

I love this scene where Jin Ho grabs Gae In’s arm, turns her around, tells her “It’s game over!”, and kisses her to her utter surprise. It was so passionate! 🙂

I also like the scenes in Jeju Island, especially the one in the car where Gae In shouts “Jeon Jin Ho, I love you! I love you to the end of heaven and earth!” Aaaaw! So cute!

Jin Ho’s romantic gestures:

He took care of Gae in when she got sick and stayed with her until she felt better. If this man is the one going to take care of me, I don’t get mind getting sick everyday. 🙂

He prepared a scented bath for Gae In. Aaaw…

And he kissed her on the nape!

Yay! It was so hot and intimate though I still prefer the scene where Jin Ho planted a kiss on the sleeping Gae In’s forehead.

I was also touched when he sang to her on the phone so she will fall asleep. He sang that famous “Three Bears Song” which reminded me of Full House. 🙂

Here are the other endearing scenes:

Which ended up to this:

The sleeping couple:

Aside from this cute couple, I adore the supporting characters as well.

Gae In’s friend Young Sun, the best gal pal in the world of K-dramas


 Sang Jun, Jin Ho’s humorous colleague

I’m rooting for Jin Ho and Gae In but my heart breaks everytime I see the hurting face of Director Choi.

And by the way, I like this man in My Girl but here in Personal Taste, with his croaky laughter and autocratic ways, I absolutely despise him. Hehehe.

I’m down to the last 2 episodes of the series. I wish I have more time so I don’t have to prolong my anticipation but my schedule just won’t permit me. 😦


12 thoughts on “Current Addiction: Personal Taste Korean Drama

  1. you should watch “CITY HUNTER” starring LEE min ho, napakaganda! super duper!!! maporma! andun sin ex gf nya.. :(, nga pala darating si Lee Min Ho, dito sa pinas, sya na ang endorser ng BENCH!


    1. nasa to-watch list ko nga yang city hunter. katatapos ko lang kasi ng you’re beautiful at may withdrawal syndrome pa ako kaya di pa ko makapagstart ng bagong Kdrama. Anyway, nabasa ko nga yang news na yan at nalungkot ako ng bongga. Sana pumunta din ng Saudi si Lee Min Ho. Haha asa!

      salamat pala sa pagdaan dito sa blog ko Eliezza.


  2. I know! Just finished watching Personal Taste and the lead couple have super adorable chemistry.. made me squeal and melt in every little moment of theirs.. and Lee min ho is one gorgeous man.. his smile *blush*.. This is my first Lee Min ho drama and he won me over completely.. the next on my list is city hunter..:D


      1. Done with City Hunter just few days ago!! Was that one of the best k-drama or what? It had that hollywood feel, and again..the chemistry between the leads was to die for!! CH made me fall for LMH all over again..his acting, smile, his action and romantic scenes.. to top it all, the script was SO good.!! If only the ending was a little more satisfying..*sigh* but I’d like to believe Yoon Sung survived and returned to Na Na like he promised!! 😀


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